ClassXInteractive Lecture Streaming

  • ClassX

    ClassX is an interactive lecture streaming system developed in the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford University.

    Unlike conventional lecture capturing systems, ClassX requires very simple consumer-grade equipment and minimal human operation.

  • ClassX Mobile

    ClassX Mobile, is the first mobile application that offers online interactive lecture videos with pan/tilt/zoom functionalities. Streaming videos based on the user's region-of-interest, ClassX Mobile can deliver high-quality video at reduced bit-rate and processing power.



ClassX is a cost-effective and efficient method to record and publish HD videos. Publishers only pay for consumer-grade recording equipment.
Different from conventional video players, ClassX allows users to pan and zoom according to keep focus on their region of interest in the video. The video streaming platform is open-source.


Unfortunately, is not going to be hosting new courses. If you are interested in using ClassX, please setup your own instance. For further information, please visit our open source project site.